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What does a professional waterproof outdoor TV look like?


Professional waterproof outdoor TV is the real sense of outdoor smart TV, it not only has better waterproof against extreme weather performance, ultra high definition picture quality, excellent sound effect, lightweight and durable shell, aiming to provide customers with perfect outdoor listening experience.

TV protection level up to IP55 can be dustproof, waterproof, UV and so on. Special IP67 high-grade waterproof remote control, suitable for all kinds of extreme weather.

Professionally certified Smart TVS run on Linux and are pre-installed with Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Accuweather, Mirracast RX, Vudu,Pandora HTML5 and other apps. Even if the APP is upgraded, the operation will not be affected. Users no longer face the hassle of connecting to other TV sticks to watch Stream TV.

Wireless Bluetooth output: The built-in Bluetooth module can easily connect to external speakers without any firmware connection, so that your speakers can be placed freely without space limitation. At the same time, two high-power box speakers are built in to ensure that the outdoor environment can enjoy the ultimate surround sound.

From the backlight bead design to the front end of the Open Cell adopts outdoor standards, compared with ordinary home TV longer life, more heat resistant. The body adopts fully closed aluminum design, unique internal physical structure thermal conductivity technology easy to heat, and effectively reduce the weight of the product. Sprayed with outdoor special diamond paint coating, effectively protect the product in handling, installation and use of the process will not appear scratches, rust problems. All TV connectors face down and are protected by detachable covers to ensure easy wiring and overall protection for the TV when used in outdoor environments.

Kontech Electronics Co., Ltd's main products are special TV, commercial display, intelligent terminal, etc. All products have passed UL, CB, CE, EMC, MEPS, ETL and other international certification. With the founder's years of industry experience, as well as a professional technical RESEARCH and development and sales team, the company has gradually formed a product line dominated by segmented market and differentiated products, making the company stand out from its peers and become the leading brand in the field of special TV and intelligent display. It has won the honors of national High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province specialized new Enterprise, National Excellent Foreign Investment Enterprise, China Mechanical and Electrical products Import and export A grade credit enterprise and so on.