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Kontech Outdoor smart television is a best choice for you garden


If you’ve been looking for more ways to enjoy your outdoor space, consider installing an outdoor television to keep you and your family—entertained once the sun goes down. Whether you’re into watching the latest blockbusters, watching the NHL playoffs, wathcing the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon or bingeing reruns of The Office, an outdoor television is the perfect way to bring people together in your household for a cozy night in. If you’ve been using a projector and want something in HD that offers a more permanent solution, an outdoor television is the way to go. To take the guesswork out of making a decision, we’ve gathered the top rated options to elevate your patio.

What to Look For
Before you get an outdoor television, consider the following: 
1.Location, consider the outdoor television is needs truly waterproof?
2.Viewing distance, to choosing TV size(43inch or 55inchi or 65 inch or 75 inch)
3. What type of wall mount you’ll need to fit the TV
4. Whether or not you’ll need a sound system, and where you’ll be able to plug the TV in.

If you plan to place your TV under full sunlight, especially if the TV won’t be covered by an awning or under a patio. So, i advice you choice kontech  outdoor smart television. This outdoor television is an truly waterproof TV, Ip55 designed, birghtness 700nits, best for watching in the full sun.