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What are the requirements for outdoor TVs?


In recent years, with the development of technology, outdoor TVs have begun to appear in our field of vision, breaking the previous pattern that TVs can only be placed indoors. As an outdoor TV, in order to adapt to changes in various outdoor weather conditions, it often has more requirements than our common home TVs in terms of technology and configuration.

Kontech outdoor TVs/outdoor smart tv

What kind of TV can withstand the sun and rain outdoors? The metal one-piece IP55-grade protective body, good heat dissipation, brightness above 700nits, etc., integrates the characteristics of the outdoor display screen and the top flagship smart TV entertainment system.

It can be seen that, to be used as an outdoor TV, it must first be able to cope with various climate changes throughout the day. Yangtian all-weather outdoor TV is an outdoor display device specially designed for outdoor environment, which integrates commercial and leisure use. Currently, it has three sizes of 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches. Yangtian all-weather outdoor TV has the following characteristics:

1. Slim and tough shell body: In order to cope with outdoor environmental factors, the IP55 protection level fully protects the safety of the equipment.

2. 4K wide color gamut screen, full of finesse: JRAVIS stunning 4K wide color gamut screen, super wide color gamut of picture levels and details to create stunning picture quality, smoother picture, more obvious details, stronger sense of hierarchy, let You are immersed in wonderful visual enjoyment.

3. 700nits brightness to ensure excellent contrast in different scenes.

4. 60HZ high-brush technology, capture the fleeting moment: support 60HZ ultra-high motion compensation, intense dynamic scenes are natural and smooth in front of you.

5. Intelligent temperature control: Yangtian outdoor TV is equipped with a new wind control cooling system. When the temperature is too high, it will automatically dissipate heat to achieve effective over-temperature protection; Low operating temperature can damage the TV.

6Adopting Linux operating system, Sylvox outdoor smart TV pre-installed apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Accuweather, Mirracast RX, Vudu, Pandora HTML5, etc. Even if the apps are updated, the operation will not be affected. Users will no longer face the trouble brought by watching TV Stream.