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What is Mirror TV?


Mirror TV can instantly turn our special mirror into a high-definition LCD TV. Its mirror parts are specially designed to suit different installation environments, so that the two can achieve a seamless effect.

Application of Mirror TV in Real Life

What Mirror TV considers most is how to meet the different needs of different customers. Mirror TV shows great customization capabilities; it can be completely integrated into the surrounding environment, you can't see any wires or signal lines, and there are no obtrusive TV cabinets taking up your precious indoor space, completely and completely harmonious. Decoration in one! It is especially worth mentioning that Mirror TV is completely invisible when the LCD screen is closed. Another advantage of Mirror TV is that it can introduce your personalized elements into the product design; you can let Your company logo appears on a mirrored surface, or a special text message appears on tinted glass. You can even cut the mirror surface to meet your specific installation needs. The installation of Mirror TV is also very flexible; it can be embedded in the wall, hung like a decorative painting on the wall, or stand in any corner of the room. You can even install it on your furniture, cabinets, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. wherever you want, as you like.

Mirror TV is a low-voltage product and has a strong moisture-proof function, so it can be directly installed in an environment without ventilation and heat dissipation. Mirror TV has also specially developed a magnet hanging fixture, which is specially used to fix the LCD screen on the back of the mirror. This technology makes the installation of the mirror TV very easy, and also greatly increases the scope of application of the mirror TV.